Brands must be in compliance with Amazon’s new packaging standards by August 1, 2019. All items larger than 18″ x 14″ x 8″ or over 20 lbs must be designed and certified as Tier 1 (frustration free packaging) or Tier 2 (ships in own container). If not in compliance by August 1, 2019, Amazon will issue a charge of $2 per item back to vendors.

Amazon Certified Packaging Tiers

  • Frustration Free Packaging (FFP)
    – Ships without Amazon overbox ISTA-6 SIOC test compliant
    – Curbside recyclable packaging materials
    – Minimal packaging
    – Easy to open
  • Ships in own Container (SIOC)
    – Ships without Amazon overbox
    – ISTA-6 SIOC test compliant

  • Prep-free Packaging (PFP)
    – Ships in Amazon overbox
    – ISTA-6 Overbox test compliant

Brands have a financial incentive to comply with either FFP (Tier 1) or SIOC (Tier 2) before the deadline on August 1, 2019. Amazon is offering early adopters a one-time credit of $1.00/unit to vendors that certify their items under Frustration-Free Packaging program guidelines. The intent of the credit is to assist in the transition costs associated with the initiative.

Amazon’s new packaging standards present brands with an even greater opportunity beyond compliance. Brands have an opportunity to use packaging as a communication tool and brand building platform.

Webb deVlam, an sgsco company, has been selected by Amazon to provide packaging design and support services to help vendors through the complex certification process.

Program Contact: Neema Pourian

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