Webb deVlam celebrates another win for its work on Procter & Gamble’s Fairy Liquid brand, winning a Gold at the prestigious Design Effectiveness Awards from the Design Business Association. The awards recognise projects that transform the fortunes of brands and business through design.15_business-transformation-through-smart-brand-activation2


The award caps what has been an outstanding collaboration with P&G proving that you can significantly impact business performance through smart brand activation. In this case, the Fairy Liquid shelf ready packaging (SRP) has been revolutionised to boost sales, reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Fairy Liquid is Britain’s number one dish-cleaning brand. In 2013 over 100 million bottles of Fairy Liquid were sold, equating to 55% of the total UK market. * Since the introduction of the Webb deVlam re-designed SRPs, sales increased by 4% across Western Europe, a result of strategically targeting shopper purchase barriers and goals in this competitive category. Brand blocking and visibility were increased and the “50% more grease cutting power” claim was legible from all viewing angles as the shopper walks down the aisle.

As well as boosting sales, the re-design saved money as production costs dropped by 50% when compared to the previous design. Due to the innovative structural design of the stackable cases, customised display material and costs also fell by an impressive 50%, making the design strategy a huge success.

In a retail environment where the Discounter channel is becoming increasingly dominant and shoppers more value conscious, matching their efficiency for in-store operations was key to the success of this project. Discounters demand SRPs that are easy to stack and display in-store but are also functional, typically used for the safe transportation of the product from production to point of purchase.

This project transformed the Fairy Liquid SRP from simply functional packaging to in-store theatre that attracts and engages the shopper. P&G marketers now view the SRP as a brand building touchpoint, rather than simply a piece of transportation packaging. It also proved a winning formula for retailers as they pro-actively created Fairy Liquid displays in prime locations, beyond what was originally negotiated with P&G, since the re-designed Fairy Liquid SRP had strong in-store impact and could now be shopped when stacked as part of a display.

Ed Adamson, creative director at Webb deVlam comments, “This has been a very rewarding project for Webb deVlam. Our desire is to improve and make things better when we respond to a brand challenge so knowing we have successfully changed the fortunes of the Fairy business, via our Brand Activation service, is a great achievement. The icing on the cake is winning a Gold DEA award proving that the project was a great investment. In fact, for Fairy, the return on investment happened even before the SRPs hit the shelves as the cost savings more than covered any investment in design.”

The Fairy Liquid SRPs were initially designed for the Discounter channel. However, the project exceeded expectations and was implemented across all channels in Western Europe, driving further scale and efficiency.

Arguably, one of the most valuable outputs of the project was a set of scalable, brand activation design principles that have been used across the P&G business units as guidelines and training for other brands.

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