8_chicago-studio-helps-make-a-wish-dream-come-trueThe Chicago studio recently had the opportunity – and pleasure – to help the Illinois Make-A-Wish Foundation bring one little boy’s dream to life.

Five-year-old Maddex was diagnosed and on the road to recovery from Leukemia when one of his nurses referred him to put in his wish, which was to become Godzilla.

Having loved Godzilla movies since he was a toddler, Maddex was given the chance to star in his own Godzilla movie, aptly titled “Madzilla.”

In this film he turns into the eponymous monster, going on a destructive rampage across Chicago, destroying buildings, biting cars in half and fighting a few nemeses along the way.

Webb deVlam’s team helped create some of the model-scale buildings along the Chicago lakefront, as well as the Buckingham Fountain, the “Bean” sculpture and a few puny trees that became set dressing for Madzilla’s ultimate fight scene.

You can watch the short film below, which featured a slew of Chicago celebrities including football coach and legend Mike Ditka as the mayor, Chicago’s real mayor  Rahm Emanuel as a taxi driver and hundreds of extras running from Madzilla in chase scenes.

“It was a messy few days in the office, but it was a blast to use our skills to figure out how to construct these buildings and it was worth it to help out in such a fun project,” says creative director Dan Walter.

Learn more about the Make-A-Wish foundation here.

“Madzilla” featured in Chicago TribuneHuffington Post and on the Make-A-Wish site.


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