By John de Chane, International Marketing Director

I’ve met lots of “celebrity” types in my life, from pop-stars to television personalities and actors to activists, and I can genuinely say that I reckon Sir Paul Smith is one of the good guys!

He’s the type of person I root for because I know he’s doing his very best to do “his thing” (what he actually does, lowly or lofty, is immaterial, if you’ll pardon the pun) to the best of his ability and in the most decent way possible.

At the recent D&AD Festival in London, I was lucky enough to get a seat among the throng of creatives keen to hear a master first hand.

As somebody with his feet planted firmly on the ground, the lovely Sir Paul explained the importance of remembering to say PLEASE and THANK YOU, while hanging on to your sense of humility and never allowing yourself to think I’VE MADE IT, as in Sir Paul’s view, once you do, it’s all over.

His work ethic is solid, with foundations that include being focused on individuality and quality, but key to everything is his mantra:


In other words, always do your very best in every facet of what you do, always push yourself and strive for excellence.

In a commoditised global market place, complacency and fear of diverting from the norm provide the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd. In these times of limited budgets, with focus on delivering immediate results to the bottom line, losing sight of long term ambition can be costly, as evidenced by brands that fall by the wayside when they fail to just keep up, let alone think ahead.


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