Our London-based Managing Director, Dominic Burke, took to the stage at the Alcohol Innovation Congress on 2nd December to present his thoughts on ‘The Millennial Opportunity: Uncovering the role of innovation for a coveted consumer group.’

Now in its fourth year, the AIC featured speakers from some of the biggest brands in the world including Diageo, Halewood International and Pernod Ricard.

Some of the fascinating content included key trends in new product development; the latest ingredient trends; consumer-centric innovation; and insights into future industry opportunities.

Dom focused on the Millennial consumer group, who by 2018 are set to have the most spending power of any generation before them, describing them in three unique segments:

1.     ‘Back to Basics’

2.     ‘Progressive Playfulness’

3.     ‘Blurred Vision’

With these segments in mind, Dom used examples from the world of spirits to bring them to life, including Whiskey Union from Diageo, Our Vodka from Pernod Ricard, and our own work creating the Grant’s Elementary range.

Webb deVlam created a compelling proposition to address these key segments, the end result being a unique, innovative product range with a narrative that will resonate with the identified needs of the target consumer.

Take a close look at our work for Grant’s Elementary range.

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