Luckily for us, some clients are willing to embrace an entirely fresh approach.

Case in point, our long-standing relationship with the paint brand Valspar, lead to a brief that demanded us to do just that.

Employing a variety of tools, research criteria and methodologies, our objective was to develop an understanding of the future European retail landscape.

In the mix? Everything.

From sizing markets to demographic breakdowns; industry advances to national GDP predictions; customer archetypes to shopping behaviours; shopping channel preferences to customer experiences; technological advances to retail spaces; and customer service expectations to product innovation.

Talk about a dream project to get your A-Team champing at the bit.

Alongside all of these exciting work-streams, we realised the need to get onto the streets of London, to understand what the latest and greatest retail spaces in this fantastic capital city have to offer.

Our objective? To see what’s working, what isn’t and where we could take analogous learning’s from to apply to our thinking.

We started in the East, in trendy Shoreditch, then worked our way West via historic Clerkenwell, on to Soho in the pulsing heart of the West End, before ending our day in classy Mayfair.

We drank delicious chocolate beer, literally marveled at the capability of 3D printing, swooned over high end fashion (both the looks and the prices!) and poked, prodded & partook of all that we could. All in order to understand what the current landscape has to offer and what our expectations as shoppers really are. With omni-channel retail options, flexible and creative shopping spaces, innovative products and service propositions and (mostly) amazing customer service standards, there was a lot to take in.

One thing is for sure. In competing for their share of the customer wallet, retailers are doing everything in their power to create experiences and products that satisfy our ever-higher expectations.

Retail is alive and well, and continues to push the limits of what delivers the wow-factor.


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