On a clear and chilly winters afternoon we left the warmth and comfort of our studio in Waterloo and headed East in a bid to assess whether the Financial Times are right to refer to Shoreditch as ‘the new Bond Street of London’.

Not wishing to just take our own point of view into consideration we were joined by some of our Chicago colleagues and our client from P&G, Tiffany Ou Yang.

We started at the top of Curtain Road, setting the inspirational bar very high with Goodhood & SCP, before heading across to Shoreditch High Street to House of Hackney (where the shop staff quite literally had to prize the Puma+HOH limited edition Easy Riders from our determined little fingers).

Onward to Celestine Eleven’s concept store, a quick dribble on the counter of Mast Brothers and up Redchurch Street to A.P.C, then ricocheting like a pinball between beauty & grooming destinations Le Labo, Aesop, Murdoch. We landed in a hopeful mood on the doorstep of Barbour & Parlour where we managed to nab the last manicure slot of the day for Julia, Head of Insight & Strategy, Chicago.

As the sun went down it was time for T2, where we chugged Chai and tried Tai Guan Yin. We just managed a quick whizz around Boxpark, where we got rather over excited about Happy Socks & Bucket Feet – which after a few hours pounding the streets of Shoreditch became new nicknames for two members of the team.

Verdict: Shoreditch definitely has the edge on Bond Street.

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