luxepack6 Our Chicago-based Design Director Nicolas Lama and Product Experience Design Director José Padilla visited this year’s Luxe Pack event in New York to explore the latest trends in premium packaging. An annual premier event showcasing the best in creativity and innovation, Luxe Pack 2016 exclusively featured over 240 leading global packaging experts within the beauty,fragrance, wine, spirits and gourmet food sectors. Nic and José identified two core themes of thought across these sectors:’Democratising Luxury’ and ‘Packaging as an Experiential Design Gateway’.

Democratising Luxury responds to today’s new economic standards. ‘There’s a shift of perception on luxury no longer being elitist, but rather an inclusive reward that’s accessible to any and all” explains Nic.”From a technique standpoint, José and I came across clever ways to convert luxury at an accessible price point and exciting techniques to ‘premiumize’ stock options.”

The team also discovered new ways of using packaging as a gateway to experiential design. Packaging is the first consumer touch point in many ways, whether packs have tags,QR codes that generate engagement, or if brands like Chobani open brick and mortar stores centred around their products and packaging. “Consumers are demanding interaction in exchange for loyalty” says Nic; “brands can take advantage of packaging as the conduit for this.”

These trends present some truly exciting opportunities for the brands Webb deVlam work with, to be shared in due course…!

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