Here at Webb deVlam we are excited to announce that we have now joined sgsco, a global leader in package production and related marketing services.

For brands and retailers, the acquisition presents an opportunity to combine our upstream strategic thinking in the design of new brands and products with sgsco’s influential production platform. Sgsco believes there is demand for strong strategic thinking, high-quality design, and a cost-effective production model in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape.

“With the addition of Webb deVlam, sgsco now offers clients the industry’s most complete end-to-end solution, from strategy and innovation to digital content management and social e-commerce distribution,” comments Aidan Tracey, CEO, Sgsco. “The vision of sgsco is to bring together world-class people and service companies to meet the needs of leading brands and retailers. The addition of the Webb deVlam team is our latest step forward in solidifying our vision.”

“This is a monumental new day for Webb deVlam, our employees and our clients,” says our Founder Ronald de Vlam. “Today we have the unique opportunity to become part of something greater, while continuing to provide the kind of award-winning strategy, innovation and beautifully designed brand experiences we’ve delivered for the past 25 years.”

Sgsco is building a formidable suite of integrated marketing services to help clients within a rapidly evolving digital marketplace – whenever and wherever consumer desire can be converted into action. The sgsco collective of companies now includes the following brands and expertise: SGS, global production engine; Webb deVlam, strategy, design and innovation; Marks, adaptive design; Traffik, integrated marketing; Armstrong-White, 3D-CGI; and Kwikee, digital content management and distribution.


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