This month, William Grant & Sons launch a newly designed gift box to showcase their 25 year old whisky, created by Webb deVlam. The creative brief was to hero the existing bottle by elevating the premiumness and modernity of the Grant’s 25 Year Old secondary packaging, in a way fitting for Grant’s most aged and precious whisky.

The story of William Grant & Sons is a unique tale of an entrepreneurial, passionate and innovative family with unparalleled foresight that has built a legacy set to last for years to come. This rich heritage provided our inspiration for the creative work. Throughout the design, Webb deVlam carefully balanced the generations’ story with modernity to create something that feels authentic but relevant to the target consumer.

The stylish gift box is made from beautiful wood of oak colouring, designed to feel synonymous with the quality of whisky inside.

The box is decorated with five concentric golden rings emanating out from the brand badge and running along the front which conjure thoughts of the annual rings found within the cross section of a tree: a ring for every year of the tree’s life and in this case, the five generations of the Grant’s family. Mounted proudly on the front is the Grant’s family tree medallion, which echoes the bottle’s stopper and reinforces the family message in a contemporary way.

As the gift box is opened, the bottle is revealed and presented beautifully amongst the leather-look lining, to enable the bottle to be the real hero.

John-Paul Hunter, Creative Director at Webb deVlam London comments: “Our design of the Grant’s 25 year old gift box is a superb example of story telling through design. It’s a fine balance of heritage and modernity delivered simply using five annual rings to symbolise the five generations of the Grant’s family with their signatures and dates through the years.”

The Grant’s 25 year old gift box will be launched in travel retail shops.


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