With a streak of recent awards, there seems to be no stopping the powerful design of Bombay Sapphire’s 250th Anniversary Limited Edition bottle and packaging! Webb deVlam took First Place in the Mobius Awards Package Design-Food, Beverages category this year.
Lee Gluckman, Chairman of the Mobius Awards said, “The international panel of judges were impressed by the special limited edition bottle and each judge took the time to view the accompanying explanatory video. I found it impressive that a distiller would go to all the trouble of creating such a special bottle. A lovely clean design that carries forward the top quality image of the product.”

The Limited Edition bottle was introduced in 2010 to mark the 250th anniversary of the gin’s unique secret recipe and only 500 have been made. The design demonstrates and communicates the underlying sense of the ‘soul of the brand’ using intriguing visual effects to impart the prestige proposition. Webb deVlam’s design director Dominic Burke summarizes the concept for the Limited Edition as ‘the window to the soul’ and took this as the direction for the design development. The result was a limited edition bottle, blown and hand crafted in high quality crystal and set with crystal stones, in a bespoke gift box accompanied with a signed booklet to explain the process and authenticate the bottle number.

Webb deVlam employed new experimental processes and adapted technologies from other industries such as the 3D laser etching that highlights the botanical ingredients. Garrard the jeweller’s creative director, Stephen Webster devised the concept for the crystal encrusted stopper which Webb deVlam brought to fruition.

“We are incredibly pleased that the Bombay Sapphire 250th Anniversary Limited Edition Bottle has been recognised by the Mobius Awards,” says John Burke, Global Category Director for Bombay Sapphire. “The Limited Edition Bottle uses a juxtaposition of traditional artisan handcrafted skills, combined with the modern laser etching technology – this compliments Bombay Sapphire’s brand heritage, created using 10 hand selected exotic botanicals alongside its signature Vapour Infusion distillation process.”

“Bombay Sapphire is recognised as a global brand, and the Limited Edition serves to emphasise its prestigious reputation. We are absolutely delighted that so many awards are acknowledging both the design and the expertise that went into creating the Limited Edition,” says Dominic Burke.


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