This month, Associated British Foods unveil a new look for their iconic brand Ryvita, created by Webb deVlam.

We were appointed as part of a significant marketing investment to work alongside existing agencies, as well as multiple stakeholders within the organisation, to challenge consumers’ preconceptions of the iconic British brand. Webb deVlam’s creative strategists helped articulate the design strategy. The outcome is a refresh of the Ryvita identity, new packaging as well as portfolio management – all designed to illustrate the versatility of the brand.

The main challenge in responding to the brief was to elevate the role of the Ryvita master brand whilst appealing to the needs of today’s consumer. The ultimate goal was to help shoppers re-appraise and re-think about Ryvita as a healthy choice for lunch occasions and not solely a diet aid.

Webb deVlam breathed new life into the logo by reclaiming the iconic red, which is classic to the brand, in order to create instant impact and recognition. A ‘munch’ was taken out of the master brand tab to emphasise that this is a tasty snack to be savoured and enjoyed.

The Agency established a tiered portfolio system, creating the premium ranges Deli and Fruit Crunch along with the necessary design cues to help consumers navigate through the usage occasions.

A new style of photography was adopted, communicating tasty serving options. The serves were shot from overhead to illustrate the versatility of each of the variants whilst bravely disrupting the conventional style of photography within the category. The aim of the photography was to appeal to those who have already embraced a healthy lifestyle rather than diet. In each case, the photography illustrates abundance and generosity of serve rather than the deprivation associated with dieting.

“Key to winning this project was our ability to translate and understand the needs of the Ryvita business and their consumers to deliver designs which are impactful, distinctive and recognisable on shelf, says Nikki Austen, Webb deVlam’s Head of Insight & Strategy.

“We’ve delivered a disruptive look and feel to what is an iconic British brand which we hope will surprise, inspire and delight new and existing users.”

Tess Lomax, Senior Brand Manager from Ryvita adds: “Webb deVlam have found the perfect visual expression for the brand and its products in a way that will make sense to our customers. As the category leader within crispbreads we think this refresh will be a key part of keeping us relevant and up to date.”


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