Webb deVlam was a multiple winner of the recent Graphic Design USA, American Package Design Awards. The aim of these Awards is to emphasize the value that graphic design brings to business and consumers.

As audiences become more fragmented and brands need to compete in multiple channels on a global scale, marketers and retailers are required to think smarter when promoting their brand. These Awards promote the power of design to advance a brand promise and forge an emotional link with consumer at the first moment of truth.

Webb deVlam was awarded across a diverse range of work, each with a specific business challenge. In each case the team at Webb deVlam immersed themselves into the world of the target consumer to better connect with them and to understand purchasing barriers.

Dan Walter, creative director at Webb deVlam Chicago, comments: “Working in close collaboration with our clients was key to the success of each of these challenges. Our goal is to improve experiences, aesthetics and functionality to create stronger brands, and to be recognized for that with these awards is fantastic.”

The awards were for our work on Post-it Study, the Dunhill Signed Range cigars and Zemas “Madhouse” Foods.

Dunhill Signed Range

The agency has worked with the Dunhill brand across its portfolio of cigars for over a decade. For DSR the brief was to align the packaging with the latest Dunhill Tobacco of London Limited brand Identity. This signature identity celebrates London as the center of excellence in curating tobacco from all over the world.

Three stories were key to the brand’s success, namely its provenance, quality and unrivalled curation, all to build on Dunhill Tobacco’s decades of skill and experience. Webb deVlam’s re-design highlights the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every cigar. The overall design creates a refined and carefully curated experience, which will appeal to the discerning cigar smoker.

Post-it Study

The brief was to drive sales and standout of Post-It education products. In collaboration with the 3M Design Lab, Webb deVlam redesigned the brand identity of the Post-it Study product line for students who required organizational tools but didn’t want to compromise their personal style. The ultimate goal was to continue to grow Post-it outside of the workplace and create a fashionable and essential study tool.

For this market, image is key and the team at Webb deVlam understood that to drive preference and connect with students on an emotional level, we needed to create a sub-brand with trend forward design language. It was vital for the Post-it Study range to stand out from the core collection of Post-it products. High visibility provided shelf impact and connected with a younger user, transforming this line of educational products from mundane office supplies into a ‘got to have it’ accessory.

Zemas ‘Madhouse’ Foods

Entrepreneur Jill Motew’s simple mission when she launched Zemas “Madhouse”Foods was to make clean eating easy for people with limited diets by creating gluten-free mixes from ancient grains.

The business challenge was for the brand to vastly improve its packaging for retailers and to better represent its commitment to taste and healthy, quality ingredients. Zemas needed to visually reflect its “Madhouse” origins of a fun, crafty and chaotic life of raising five kids.

Webb deVlam solidified the Zemas positioning as a health and wellness brand and set out redesigning it from the top down. The results are a re-energized Zemas brand that reflects its kitchen-crafted, health-conscious roots and its commitment to ancient grains – a key differentiator from other gluten-free products. The new packs help Zemas stand out as a delicious, healthy go-to among the muted products in the health food aisle – a fun and friendly beacon of gluten-free goodness.

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